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Connect with Working Out Loud (WOL)

  • Workshop / Interactive Session
  • Über die Technische Dokumentation hinaus...
  • 18. November
  • 09:00 - 11:30 Uhr (MEZ)
  • Channel C | Online
  •  Valerie Helvy

    Valerie Helvy


“This is a method for building relationships […]. You make your work visible and frame it as a contribution,” said John Stepper in 2015. Networking offers new possibilities and helps to achieve a better career and a more fulfilling life. Let’s start with an overview of the WOL method, take small steps, and do some exercises.

Was der Zuhörer lernt

How many times did you have to explain what a technical communicator does? We should make our work more visible. Let’s start today with the method “Working Out Loud”. Mindset, method, exercises.




 Valerie Helvy

Valerie Helvy


Valérie Helvy was certified as a Technical Communicator (tekom) in 2021. She has been working as a technical writer for nearly two years. Self-edited author, hobby teacher, and trainer in her free time. In a nutshell: eager to learn, thrilled to pass on knowledge and to empower others.