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The Pains of Composition: How to Write Your Best Documentation in a Collaborative World

  • Fachvortrag
  • Projekt-, Team- und Kostenmanagement in der Technischen Kommunikation
  • 06. November
  • 15:30 - 16:15 PM (MEZ)
  • Channel D
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  •  Matt Reiner

    Matt Reiner

    • K15t


Creating documentation is much more than just putting pen to paper. It's an outpouring of one's mind and soul onto a canvas. This is a challenging enough endeavor in private, and becomes increasingly difficult when writing is done in a collaborative environment where any team member can see, critique, and even alter your work. This talk explores the challenges and power in opening up your creative process to collaboration with others.

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Together, we'll explore:

  • What difficulties we'll encounter working in a collaborative environment
  • How we're affected by these challenges
  • Ways to overcome these obstacles to do our best work


 Matt Reiner

Matt Reiner

  • K15t

Throughout his time on multiple product teams, Matt has contributed as a scrum master, technical writer, marketer, UX writer, and speaker. Matt was a K15t app user and now he advocates for users within the teams that make K15t apps. Matt believes great information, tools, and collaboration matter.