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The Intersection of Structure and Minimalism: finding clean solutions to legacy content

  • Workshop / Interactive Session
  • Inhaltserstellung
  • 17. November
  • 09:00 - 11:30 Uhr (MEZ)
  • Channel C | Online
  •  Leah Guren

    Leah Guren

    • Cow TC


If you are struggling with wordy, text-heavy legacy content, this workshop is for you! Discover how structure can solve complexity, reduce words, and improve the usability of your content.

Was der Zuhörer lernt

  • Learn the usability triangle of structure, minimalism, and intent.
  • Adding in from scratch vs. cutting out from what’s there.
  • Three key structural minimalism solutions.


Good general TechComm knowledge.


 Leah Guren

Leah Guren

  • Cow TC

Leah Guren is the owner/operator of Cow TC (technical communication training and consulting). Leah’s courses have introduced hundreds of new practitioners to the profession. She is a popular speaker, a published author in the field, and a UX and L10N consultant.