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Enhancing Software Documentation: Generating Diagrams from Code

  • Fachvortrag
  • Softwaredokumentation
  • 14. November
  • 11:30 - 12:15 AM (MEZ)
  • C7.2
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  •  Marcus Schmidt

    Marcus Schmidt

    • Intershop Communications AG


In software documentation, the docs-as-code approach is widely used to improve efficiency and collaboration. However, handling diagrams made with different tools and formats can be challenging.


This presentation shows how to overcome this by using text-based solutions, namely Mermaid and PlantUML, and how to integrate code-based diagrams into documents via Intershop's online help.

Das lernen Sie

Attendees will get an insight into the docs-as-code process at Intershop Communications AG and learn about different tools for creating code-based diagrams and ways to integrate them in DITA and Markdown files.


A basic understanding of docs-as-code is helpful.


 Marcus Schmidt

Marcus Schmidt

  • Intershop Communications AG
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Marcus Schmidt is a Senior Technical Writer at Intershop Communications AG with 6+ years of experience in Technical Communication. Furthermore, he has been working as lecturer at Hochschule Merseburg, teaching software documentation fundamentals.