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Embedded User Assistance: Moving Content to the Point of Use

  • Fachvortrag
  • User Experience
  • 05. November
  • 17:00 - 17:45 Uhr (MEZ)
  • Channel D | Online
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  •  Scott DeLoach

    Scott DeLoach

    • ClickStart


Embedded UA includes any instructional information inside a user interface. As more applications move to the web, more UA content is moving from external help systems to embedded UA. In this session, we will discuss best practices for writing, designing, opening, and customizing embedded UA. We will also discuss how to single source embedded and non-embedded UA content.

Was der Zuhörer lernt

  • How to define and recognize embedded UA
  • Best practices for writing, designing, and storing embedded UA
  • How to pull embedded UA from help topics
  • Where to find examples of best-in-class embedded UA






 Scott DeLoach

Scott DeLoach

  • ClickStart

CEO of ClickStart with over 28 years of technical writing experience, Scott has delivered over 150 presentations on 5 continents including numerous tcworld conferences. He is an STC Fellow and was the designer and writer of the first HTML-based embedded user assistance system in 1997.