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Aligning Product Documentation with Product Configuration

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  • 03. November
  • 12:30 - 13:15 Uhr (MEZ)
  • Channel D | Online
  •  Alex Masycheff

    Alex Masycheff

    • Intuillion Ltd.


Preparing technical documentation for complex products never was an easy task.

Complex products may be delivered in different configurations, with different modifications, and with different components. You have to not only profile content by multiple criteria, but also track dependencies between product components and ensure that changes in product configuration are reflected in the documentation.

Was der Zuhörer lernt

How a configuration management database combined with structured content and component content management system allows content authors to automatically assemble complex product documentation based on the product configuration.


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 Alex Masycheff

Alex Masycheff

  • Intuillion Ltd.

Alex Masycheff is a CEO of Intuillion Ltd. (http://intuillion.com/) that develops solutions for managing, automating, and delivering enterprise content. Alex has been in the content industry for 25+ years. He lead implementation of XML-based solutions in many companies, including Kodak and Siemens.