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DITA to CDP: iiRDS Plugins for the DITA-OT

  • Arena-Vortrag
  • DITA
  • 15. November
  • 12:50 - 13:20 PM (MEZ)
  • Arena
  • beendet
  •  Mark Schubert

    Mark Schubert

    • parson AG


Smart micro content and content delivery have been the buzz words for quite a while. DITA with its self-contained topics is well suited for these new content strategies. Did you know that there’s even plugins to support the iiRDS standard? You can build iiRDS packages from your DITA files and upload them to a content delivery portal. This talk is about the open-source iiRDS DITA-OT plugins. You will learn about the first version of the plugins, their features, challenges, and about upcoming improvements.


 Mark Schubert

Mark Schubert

  • parson AG
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Mark is a technical consultant at parson and supports clients from the software industry regarding authoring tools and publishing solutions. DITA, DocBook, and other document type definitions are part of his daily routine. Due to his experience as a technical writer, he knows XML-based authoring firsthand. Mark has been an acting member of the iiRDS working group from the start.