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Ictect, Inc.

  • 125 East State St
  • 53105 Burlington (USA)

Ictect name comes from the phrase, Intelligent Content Architectures I•c•tect (ī-SĒ-tekt).

Ictect’s patented software is based on Microsoft Word and Office 365 and reduces the cost of document preparation and turn-around time from authoring to publishing.

Our products for technical publications are:

  • Intelligent Content Tools: Microsoft Word-based software for editing, checking and formatting technical documents for subject matter experts and technical writers
  • Intelligent Content Server: Cloud-based or on-premise software for automated conversion of documents to DITA XML

We offer the following services:

  • Single-source publishing systems workflows
  • Conversion of technical documents to DITA XML topic based structured format
  • Multi-channel publishing formats for Print, Web, and Mobile
  • DITA XML-based collaborative writing with Microsoft Word/Office 365
  • AI and intelligent content-based automation technologies to enable agile document workflows
  • Other services as appropriate for YOUR technical publishing workflow!

Ictect, Inc.

  • 125 East State St
  • 53105 Burlington
  • USA


  • Datenverarbeitung und -migration
  • Editoren / Redaktionssysteme / Content Management
  • Authoring Assistance
  • Authoring Tools and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
  • S1000 D
  • DITA