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Globalese GmbH

  • Gilbertstr. 66
  • 54290 Trier (Deutschland)
  • Stand 2F68

100% custom. 100% neural. The ultimate platform for training custom, domain-adapted neural machine translation engines with AI boost.

Globalese AI-boosted engines combine the accuracy and style of a domain-adapted engine with the vast linguistic knowledge base of large language models like GPT from OpenAI.

Whether you're dealing with heavily tagged, complex technical documentation, web shop catalogs, or software documentation, Globalese AI-boosted engines are the perfect choice for seamless, high-quality machine translation.

Benefit from dynamic terminology lists, custom prompts, and advanced tag handling. Enjoy the user-friendly, browser-based interface. Access your custom AI-boosted engines through a CAT tool plugin for seamless translation. Automate processes with the API.

Experience the power of Globalese V5 at the upcoming tekom 2023 exhibition.

Globalese GmbH

  • Gilbertstr. 66
  • 54290 Trier
  • Deutschland


  • Erstellung von Technischer Dokumentation
  • Erstellung von Softwaredokumentation
  • Übersetzung / Lokalisierung
  • Software for Machine Translation