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Dr Anu Singh

  • Fiserv
  • Noida
  • Dr Anu Singh


Dr Anu Singh is a creative disrupter who believes in the enormity of the human mind, its thoughts, feelings and the social paradigm it creates and coexists in. Anu’s mission is to close the gap between experiential learning of a user on products they use for the first time through content. She can help you connect the dots between a great product experience and a successful product adoption for customers.

Anu possesses numerous degrees and certifications, and years of progressive experiences in varied technical and non-technical areas like content operations and strategy, structured and unstructured content development, client experience, project management including Agile, employee engagement and career development, management and leadership with a focus on empowering clients and enabling their success through adaptive predictive information around their needs.

Anu is passionate about technical communication and has presented at multiple platforms like CIDM Summer Ideas conference, ConVEx, STC India Annual and Regional conferences, tcWorld, Technical Writer’s Tribe and various forums within her organization.  She is a life-long learner and volunteers for non-profit organizations like Society of Technical Communicators (STC) India as a learning manager, Technical Writer's Tribe as an instructor, Mentor Together as a life-skill mentor for young adults.

Anu has earned a Ph.D. in English Literature for her studies about American Literature and Indian Writing in English, and she loves reading about culture, new technologies and stories in the novel or short-story format.