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Barbara Kardel-Piątkowska

  • Etteplan
  • Wroclaw
  •  Barbara Kardel-Piątkowska


I'm a graduate in information science and translation studies. I used to work in a university library, helping students in their information research. 5 years later I moved to the translation business and started to work remotely in 2012. As a translator and quality controller I felt I have little influence on what I actually write, so I pursued a technical writer career. I'm now creating documentation for machines in the food industry as well as technology for electric vehicles at Etteplan Poland.
I'm also a humanist so I always see the people behind documentation. That is why I'm trying to have an insight into how they work and organize their workflow. As a person experienced in working remotely and building virtual teams, I'd like to share my experience that I collected during the last 10 years of working remotely and by surveing my collegues with little or no previous experience with remote work, who needed to start working remotely during the pandemic.