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Sabine Berland

  • Mirakl
  • Paris
  •  Sabine Berland


Sabine Berland has been in the technical communication and translation field for over 15 years. Throughout her work experiences, she has been involved in several documentation migration projects. While at Océ-Canon, she put in place terminology management for the wide-format printing software products with the objective to mainly lower users' learning curve. She always keeps an eye on software usability and accessibility, collaborating closely with UX designers. Knowledge sharing is also key for her, either at company level or within the community. She teaches a course on online help at Université de Paris. She is now in charge of the Product Content team at Mirakl and follows the International University Network of the TeKom association. Exploring and providing new supports to meet the end-users needs and bringing added value to the delivered documentation is a motto she follows and applies to all her projects.